What does this mean for the 1000+ employees in Brown County?

Job Security at a Cutting Edge Facility.

The mill of today is very different from even the mill of 20 years ago and the technology that will be implemented in this operation is cutting edge for the industry. This means that Green Bay Packaging will not only be reinvesting in equipment, but in their current Brown County employees as well.

From day one, GBP will begin training its current team in troubleshooting automation, automation management and other processes to adapt to a more productive, high-tech mill.

It is estimated that the proposed mill would add about 200 full-time employees in Wisconsin

Green Bay Packaging currently has 1,534 full-time employees in Wisconsin, 1,100 of which are employed in Brown County. The company has paid over $500 million in wages to its Wisconsin employees over the last five years. Those wages are consistently being reinvested into our local communities through taxation, real estate, and leisure. Within those last five years, Green Bay Packaging has paid over $21 million in state income taxes and $9 million in real estate and property taxes. The loss of this tax base would be devastating to the future potential of Brown County and the State of Wisconsin.

Green Bay Packaging has added 387 new Wisconsin employees over the last five years, which resulted in a 33.68% growth in the company’s employment within Wisconsin. With projected growth from this new mill, GBP’s Wisconsin Workforce could see an increase of over 50% from 2013 – 2022.